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No Limits

With our mission to build a stronger community and help people of all ages recognize their full potential, we provide youth with individualized instruction, creative opportunities, and career-development experiences in STEM, aviation, manufacturing, and the trades. This contributes to our community’s economy and vitality, promoting Wausau and Marathon County as positive places to work and live. The sky is not a limit. With support from our community and beyond, we aim to keep growing and meeting the needs of as many youth as we can, and in turn, contributing to and enriching our community and our world.


Growth Goals

Tube fiber laser cutter build


With the help of a grant from Impact100 Greater Wausau we have started development of a tube laser cutter. This new machine will expand our formal course offerings, provide independent skill development and practice, improve future airplane builds, and allow participants to pursue advanced project opportunities.

We hope to use the tube laser cutter to help sustain our organization by increasing the precision and efficiency of airplane builds, producing airplane fuselage kits, and offering custom projects to individuals and businesses. These products and services can then be offered for sale or donation, with all earnings reinvested in LBF.

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