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Build Nights

Every Tuesday - the main event

Be A Part

Join us for a Tuesday Build Night - the best day of the week! Build Nights offer something for everyone - whether you've been in the trades for years or are a student just exploring a new interest - we'll introduce you to all that we do at Learn Build Fly. Experience something new or teach someone else, check out the progress on our aircraft build and have a hand in getting our Wittman Legacy to first flight!

Experience the Trades

"Individuals in the STEM workforce make important contributions to improving a nation’s living standards, economic growth, and global competitiveness. They fuel a nation’s innovative capacity through their work in research and development (R&D) and in other technologically advanced activities, collectively referred to as the science and engineering (S&E) enterprise."
National Science Board

See the Future

Elizabeth Muriel Gregory “Elsie” MacGill was the first woman in the world to earn an aeronautical engineering degree in 1929 yet today, women are still sorely under-represented as aeronautical engineers, pilots, maintenance technicians, aerospace engineers, dispatchers, airport managers, and air traffic controllers.


Although Learn Build Fly serves all ages, we focus on engaging and developing young people throughout the Greater Wausau Area and are especially proud to provide young women with experience in non-traditional fields. Our current and past Youth Board presidents, nearly half of the Youth Board, and 3 youth welding mentors are female.

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