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Is your organization a 501c3?

Learn Build Fly is a non-profit donor funded 501(c)(3) organization of dedicated volunteers. Our tax ID no. is 47-3287245


What is your organization’s mission?

Learn Build Fly’s mission is simple–to build a stronger community by helping people of all ages recognize their full potential.  We live this mission by leveraging aviation, STEM (Science Technology Engineering
Mathematics), skilled trades, and leadership education along with community partnerships. Our community makerspace is located at the Wausau Downtown Airport, and reaches youth and adults througout Marathon County, WI and beyond.


Where does the money go when I donate?

100% of all donations are used to support our mission which includes funding our educational needs and purchasing equipment/technology to foster our vision in providing aerospace youth education. All positions within Learn Build Fly at Wausau Downtown Airport are filled by
dedicated unpaid volunteers.


Who runs the organization?

Leadership is provided by Dave Conrad, President and Founder and our Board of Directors and Youth Board:
Jennifer Rauscher VP - Board Member
Scott Feldbruegge - Secretary and Board Member
Kurt Mehre - Founder and Board Member
Wynn O (Casey) Jones II - Board Member
Bob Waldinger - Board Member


Where can I find your financial documents?

Financial documents are available upon request


Can I donate if I live outside of the United States?

Yes, you can donate via Paypal or purchase items directly from our wishlist.

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