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Special Events

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Engineering Tomorrow: Space Lab - April 13 & 20th

Youth age 12-18 are invited to join us for SPACE LAB by Engineering Tomorrow. 
Students will learn about Newton’s 3rd Law and thrust to create a balloon rocket that successfully counteracts its gravitational weight and launches to the ceiling. They will use mathematical equations to predict whether their rocket will launch off the ground and determine the rocket’s payload efficiency in the same manner as NASA engineers. Finally, students will use a simulator to understand how a spacecraft maneuvers in a frictionless environment once launched and try to dock a simulated spacecraft into the ISS by learning about roll, pitch, yaw, and translation.
This is a TWO DAY event: April 13th and April 20th, 630-8pm at Learn Build Fly.
Tuition is free. Students must attend both days. 

Armed Forces Day - May 20, 2023

Bringing together veterans, families, and youth; this event will recognize and honor those who have served and introduce youth to the role of aviation in the Armed Forces history and make tomorrow’s possibilities hands on and accessible.


AirVenture Cup Race - July 21-23, 2023

The AirVenture Cup Cross-Country Air Race (AVC) is the world’s premier amateur open-circuit air race open to all experimental and factory-built aircraft. The AVC seeks to recreate the spirit of the great air races of the Golden Age of Aviation, such as the famed Bendix Trophy.


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