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Parallel Lines

Our Story

Learn Build Fly (LBF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of dedicated volunteers providing aviation, STEM, and leadership education to youth and families.  From weekly aircraft building projects to aviation ground school to engineering and skilled trades courses, anyone with a passion for learning will find a fun, open environment at LBF.



LBF began after EAA Founder Paul Poberenzy passed, and a group of Wausau-based aviation enthusiasts volunteered to complete his Baby Ace airplane build. An adult invited a local teen to join the airplane build, that teen invited another friend, and the dream of creating a formal, aviation-based youth opportunity was born.

LBF incorporated in 2015. In 2018, the first LBF Education Center Hangar was built at the Wausau Downtown Airport.


In 2022, construction began on a second educational hangar, allowing for expanded collaboration with local groups like EAA Chapter 640, Civil Air Patrol, Wausau Downtown Airport, area schools, and Wausau RC Sports.

A Board of Directors and a Youth Board lead LBF. Over the last year, participation during Tuesday “Build Nights” averaged over 40 people per night.  Over the last six months, participation increased to average over 56 people per night, with a high of 74 attendees.



With our mission to build a stronger community and help people of all ages recognize their full potential, we provide youth with individualized instruction, creative opportunities, and career-development experiences in STEM, aviation, manufacturing, and the trades.

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